Alexander Lehr, President & Founder

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Alexander has always had a taste for Adventures and Learning. He started his own television repair business when he was 14 years old by teaching himself on the job. Those newly-learned technical, business and people skills opened up opportunities for him. He started purchasing income properties when he was 21 years old and performed all the maintenance required
(carpentry, plumbing, wiring) himself. At the same time, he began working his way up the corporate ladder in the Industrial World of Electronics (Customer Service, Industrial Sales and Purchasing Agent).
In his 30's, he became an Actor and also began producing various independent theatrical shows.
After that, Alexander became Artistic Producing Director of two separate Live Stage Show
Theaters in Hollywood, California. At those theaters, he produced Broadway Musicals, Dramas, Comedies, Shakespearean plays, Dance and Music Concerts, Children's Shows and Poetry Readings. He also sponsored an entertainment-oriented, community outreach program for people with various physical and mental disabilities. Since 1984, Alexander has been managing his own Event Planning and Production Company called Imagination International. Alexander produced a feature film which he wrote and directed ("The Dream of Alvareen") and created two music videos that he is very proud of.

Gemini Manor

This is the private home of Alexander. Since 1970, he has lived in it and has spent decades
redesigning it with his own, special artistic flair. Well over a hundred thousand people have
passed through its unique doors, over the years. Theme parties, shows, weddings, concerts and many other events have attracted people of all ages and cultures. In recent times, The Manor has been hosting International Travelers who are looking for an unusual and charming place to stay.
This has inspired Alexander to want to create a new, Boutique Hotel that will be based on the design and entertainment flavor of his beautiful and eclectic home. 2

Personal Interests
Classic Cars, Cabarets & Life

Alexander has always had a love of Classic Cars and road trips. In 2007, he and his wife Lisa drove across America in a beautiful, 1963 Studebaker Avanti Sports Coupe. He's driven some of his other Classic Cars many thousands of miles through many different states. For Alexander, it's a way of seeing and feeling history through the time portal of these wonderful autos.

Alexander's Father Eric was a musician and nightclub owner and his Mother Natalie was a singer.
It's his heritage and ingrained desire to entertain, to host and to put smiles on people's faces
through the countless events that he produces. He enjoys people and their stories. He believes that humor, music and gentle communication can help bridge differences that divide.
 His other interests include decorating his home, Gemini Manor, writing (screen & stage plays, books, essays, poems, etc.), gardening, bicycling and Dreaming. Alexander also serves on the Executive Board of Directors of the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic (for over 30 years). He strongly believes that All people should have access to good health care.


Despite his long hair, Alexander was not a wild hippy in the 60's. (He was a conservative businessman with short hair.) To this day, he's never done any recreational drugs and has never been drunk. He does get a thrill from living and from re-imagining the endless possibilities that life offers!