About Us

“Hotel: A Place To Stay!” Boring!

How about an Amazing Structure where you enter a Secret World, a highly decorative, entertaining, Fantasy Environment where each comfortable, unusual room is designed completely different from every other room in the building? Where the Staff that greets you is always dressed in Medieval, Circus or Acrobatic costumes? Where this Outrageous Staff will spontaneously perform for your pleasure – and invite you to be part of the fun?

Welcome to the Gemini Manor Hotel & Cabaret Experience. We’re going to create this with the aid of mind – bending Artists & Visionaries. We’re going to build it with both new and recycled materials & decorations from all over the world. And then, we’re going to invite YOU to Visit, Stay & Enjoy!

* Cobbler’s Café
* Live Stage Show Cabaret
* Fantasy Gift Shop
* Sitting Gardens
* Classic & Future Car Displays

This will be a “Green” project: Environmentally Friendly and
Self-Sustaining on many levels! Learn More